Software consultants specialising in enterprise scale web applications, big data and machine learning.

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CodeGX is a new tech startup dedicated to high quality software.

We are a small team of software enthusiasts with many years of experience working on enterprise scale web applications. Based in Brighton, UK.

What We Offer


What We Offer

Web Applications

Scalable enterprise applications and RESTful APIs. Cloud native or self hosted

Desktop Applications

Beautiful desktop applications using JavaFX

Big Data

ETL processes, data analytics and streaming using state of the art frameworks

Machine Learning

Data analytics and predictive modelling using ML algorithms

We love Java!

Having gained experience in various programming languages over the years, we have settled on Java as the main language of choice. We strongly believe in using the right tool for each job and the Java ecosystem gives us the flexibility and robustness we need.

We build highly complex web applications using Spring Boot and Grails (Groovy), real time streaming jobs, ETL processes and machine learning pipelines using Apache Spark.

Java has been constantly in the top two most popular programming languages according to the TIOBE index, and for good reason.


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